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Entreprise / 30.03.2011

devolo breaks new powerline record: over 10 million dLAN® adapters shipped


Aachen, Germany-based devolo AG proves its leading role in the powerline network segment with an impressive milestone: Since the market launch of dLAN® in 2003, the company has shipped over 10 million powerline adapters to European resellers and OEM partners. These results again confirm devolo‘s position as the powerline world market leader-no other company has shipped more powerline products. devolo considers the engine of powerline networking to be the continuously increasing demand for fast, secure and reliable in-house connection technology. From multiroom entertainment and classic network applications to building automation and smart metering-dLAN® provides the reliable basis for high-performance networks with speeds up to 500 Mbps.

With over 10 million powerline adapters shipped, devolo AG has again been confirmed as the powerline world market leader. Since 2003, over 4 million European households have decided in favour of a network via the household electrical wiring that is "Engineered In Germany." While the company has shipped 2.5 million devices to OEM partners, it has also supplied over 7.5 million dLAN® products to European resellers.

devolo can benefit impressively from the sustained trend towards home networking. In addition, the Aachen-based company sees this as confirmation of its claim to be a technological innovator: "Powerline combines the advantages of a wireless LAN with those of a fast, stable cable network," remarks Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. "In addition, dLAN® offers other exclusive benefits such as particularly long range and thus reliable availability throughout the home as well as the patented power-save technology, which offers highly energy-efficient operation in standby mode at 0.3 watts and already today complies with the EuP standard for 2013."

From multiroom entertainment to smart metering

Today‘s entertainment products, such as Apple TV or T-Home Entertain, place the highest demands on network quality. Triple play applications such as HD videos, IPTV or Voice over IP (VoIP) need high network speeds with Quality of Service (QoS)-requirements that dLAN® fulfils without compromises. The powerline network from devolo is easy to install and, with AESpro encryption, offers maximum security at speeds of up to 500 Mbps. New dLAN® products such as the dLAN® 200 AV USB extender, which enables convenient integration of USB printers and hard drives into the network, underscore devolo‘s role as a powerline innovator. While dLAN® is enjoying continuously growing popularity as a multiroom entertainment network, devolo‘s powerline products are aimed towards future markets such as building automation and smart metering.

"Breaking the record of 10 million adapters makes us extremely proud, but also makes us want to work even harder on innovative powerline products and solutions," remarks Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. In the future, we will continue to provide networked home entertainment via dLAN® that is both high-performance and reliable, while also continuing to focus on areas such as building automation and smart metering."