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Entreprise / 15.12.2010

devolo is stepping up its sales and marketing activities in Switzerland


On 1 January 2011, devolo AG, manufacturer of powerline products for household and commercial users, is opening up its own sales and marketing office in Switzerland.

For some seven years, devolo has been active in the Swiss market with tremendous success. The breakthrough for the young company came with what is called powerline technology, which allows data signals to be distributed throughout the home via the electrical wiring. This technology is becoming increasingly widespread and has long grown beyond being merely a niche product.

"As over 500,000 of these products have already been sold in the Swiss market, Switzerland is a very important sales market for us," explains Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG, adding: "We have been highly satisfied with the work of the previous sales agency. By founding our first international subsidiary, we want to continue on the path that has been set forth for us."

Thus on 1 January 2011, devolo AG is opening an office in St. Gallen, in eastern Switzerland. The new sales team will be headed by an experienced salesperson who has become renowned in the Swiss computer industry over more than 15 years. "With its over 8 million consumers, the Swiss market in unique in Europe and cannot be compared to any other country," explains Marco Dörr, Business Development Manager Europe. He adds: "Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to have a team that understands the wants and needs of the Swiss people."

devolo expects the new sales team to give it the required closeness to the market – to specialist stores and system providers as well as to retail and distribution. For consistent onsite support to resellers, a dedicated outside sales team – with help from another colleague in inside sales – will ensure direct contact.

With a market share of over 70 percent according to GfK Schweiz, a Swiss market research company, devolo is the market leader in the powerline segment.

Harbers sums up the situation this way: "In recent years, devolo has positioned itself as a premium manufacturer in the powerline segment. This is intended to represent not only the quality of our products, but also contact and communication with our partners in all sales channels."