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Produit B2C / 15.05.2012

devolo showcases efficient Powerline adapter with two Ethernet ports

With the dLAN® 200 AVduo, devolo has redefined the entry level for Powerline technology. Never before has there been an adapter of the dLAN® 200 generation this compact and this energy-efficient. With its innovative duo-interface, two network-compatible terminal devices can be connected to it directly. In addition, a new energy-saving feature reduces the power consumption considerably during operation.

Dual connections for reliable dLAN® networking using a home‘s power lines: with the dLAN® 200 AVduo, devolo presents the successor to the popular entry-level adapter, the dLAN® 200 AVmini. Developed based on the successful compact model, the first adapter of the dLAN® 200 generation, the dLAN® 200 AVduo, provides two network interfaces. Two make it possible for example to operate both a computer and a network-compatible terminal device, like a printer or NAS hard drive, simultaneously, and without the need for any additional equipment. Or, when networking a living room with digital entertainment electronics, such as game consoles and Smart TVs, both the Internet and the home network can be connected.

dLAN® 200 makes it easy - fast, stable and secure home networks

devolo dLAN® is the easy home network that uses a home‘s power lines. With no effort, it turns every electrical socket in the flat into a network and Internet access port. And the dLAN® 200 is fast, stable and secure - the data are sent over the powerlines at up to 200 Mbps. Using automatic "Quality of Service" data prioritisation, the dLAN® 200 is just as stable as a conventional cable network. 128-bit AES encryption protects against unauthorised access. But the best thing about it: set-up is as simple as plug & play!

Compact design for easy positioning

With compact dimensions of 80 x 66 x 29 mm, the dLAN® 200 AVduo is practically unnoticeable in wall outlets. This provides easy flexibility when it comes to finding an unobtrusive location for it in any socket in the room. With an innovative single-status LED, the operating status is detectable from a single lamp.

Energy-efficient adapter design: automatic power economy

The dLAN® 200 AVduo provides a perfect starting point into the world of dLAN® home networking - and provides the added benefit of a particularly efficient, patented, energy-saving feature. At maximum energy consumption, the unit uses about 2.6 watts - based on normal usage, that only comes to about 2.1 watts. For this "typical user profile" it can be assumed that the adapter is not constantly sending or receiving data. In automatic standby mode, the consumption is only 0.5 watts

Quality ‘Engineered in Germany‘

Like all devolo products, the dLAN® 200 AVduo is developed and tested in Germany to guarantee the best possible home network experience to all dLAN® users. devolo underscores these efforts with a three-year warranty.

The dLAN® 200 AVduo is available in stores starting in May 2012. devolo offers the adapter individually as well as part of a starter kit consisting of two adapters or a network kit consisting of three adapters. The recommended retail price for the dLAN® 200 AVduo is 44.90 euros, the starter kit is available for 79.90 euros and the network kit for 119.90 euros.