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Entreprise / 02.09.2010

Interest in home networking continues to grow – devolo dLAN solutions popular among consumers


Aachen, Germany-based powerline specialist devolo AG sees evidence of the trend towards home networking. According to a current survey carried out by market research company Forsa, an increasing number of the population is interested in networking IT and entertainment electronics. Some one-fifth of those surveyed would like to see powerline technology used for this home networking. One of the factors driving the interest in connecting electronic devices is the growing number of Internet TV sets. Another is shared access to data such as music, photos or videos and the freedom to use devices such as printers or hard drives in any location desired.

Internet-compatible TV sets are booming in Germany. The German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media e.V. (BITKOM) and Germany-based market research company GFK are unanimous in identifying a trend towards TV sets with Web functionality. At the same time, demand for a home network infrastructure is increasing continuously, as not only the TV set, but also computers, the HiFi system, Blu-ray player and IPTV set-top boxes such as Telekom Entertain (previously known as T-Home-Entertain) are to be integrated into a network that encompasses the entire home. Some 19 percent of those surveyed by the Forsa Institute in a study commissioned by Waggener Edstrom Worldwide agency want to use powerline for this purpose. Basically, respondents are looking for the added convenience networking provides. Examples given are central storage and sharing of digital data such as videos, music, photos and documents, as well as shared use of network-compatible devices such as printers.

Powerline networks are ideal for connecting the entire home

The Internet plays an increasingly large role in digital entertainment. Even today, IPTV services such as Telekom Entertain and Maxdome provide living rooms with TV programmes and movies in HD quality. These developments are based on a stable and fast network backbone in the home. Due to the Quality of Service performance feature, which ensures a fixed bandwidth for a service such as IPTV, dLAN is ideal for this purpose. Currently, dLAN 200 adapters are developing an ever greater following with their transmission rates of up to 200 Mbps – with dLAN 500, devolo will soon present a new, even faster generation of its successful network technology. dLAN 500 is particularly suited for powerline-based high-performance home networks based on high-speed Internet connections such as VDSL and fiber-optic networks. This allows several HDTV streams to be transmitted simultaneously via the in-home network.

"We see a clear trend here: home networking is the growth market of the coming months and years. Users recognise the value of having the devices in their home communicate with each other," remarks Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. "For this purpose, they are looking for a networking solution that is as easy and scalable as possible. dLAN is outstandingly well suited here." For years now, devolo has seen increasing demand for its innovative dLAN home networking products. Since its founding in 2002, the Aachen-based company has already sold over seven million dLAN adapters.