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Produit B2C / 06.09.2005

MicroLink dLAN Highspeed adapters from devolo now support Mac OS X and Linux - For password protected networking of Mac and Linux computers over the household electrical wiring

The MicroLink dLAN Highspeed adapters from the Aachen, Germany based devolo AG now support not only Windows but the operating systems Mac OS X and Linux, too. By using the components of the MicroLink dLAN line of products, data can, for the first time, be transmitted at rates of up to 85 Mbps over the household power circuit. This makes a powerful home network of the conventional power circuit in the home—now with the popular operating systems Mac OS X and Linux, as well. A special feature of MicroLink dLAN technology under Mac and Linux is password protection of the network which, for conventional HomePlug solutions, was previously only possible with Windows.

The software for Mac and Linux is the result of innovative development work and the resolute support for different operating systems on behalf of devolo. The two software components have been exclusively programmed for the MicroLink dLAN range of products. By targeting Linux in particular, devolo provides further support for the Linux community. Linux drivers and software are issued as source code for adaptation to the various Linux derivates. The MicroLink dLAN from devolo offers more than just HomePlug functionality under Linux and Mac OS X. Password-protected network communications are possible under these operating systems, too. Unlike competing solutions, there is no need of a Windows computer to set up the password protection. The software that supports Mac OS X and Linux is available for download from

Data rates of up to 85 Mbps over the household power supply.

The MicroLink dLAN Highspeed adapters offer speeds of up to 85 Mbps over the household electricity circuit—a real alternative to conventional Ethernet cabling. This dLAN technology is far superior to the wireless standards b and g in offering longer range and better transmission quality. Walls and ceilings are no obstruction for dLAN products. A further decisive advantage: There is no installation necessary whatsoever. Just plug in the MicroLink Highspeed adapters and they transform the wires in your household power circuit into ‘true’ network cables that are ready for immediate use.

Network planning made easy

Under, devolo presents a free service for easy and convenient planning of a home or office network. The graphically appealing web site quickly guides users seeking help to a presentation that shows the ideal solution for their network. All that is required is to enter the number of PCs, games consoles and printers that are to be networked, and the type of Internet access that is available.What’s more, devolo is offering a manual about the theme of “networking” (German only) that can either be downloaded as a PDF file or ordered as a bound book.