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Produit B2C / 01.03.2012

Satellite television without an antenna cable: devolo brings second generation Powerline satellite TV to market

With the dLAN® TV Sat 2400-CI+, devolo is releasing the second generation of their multiple award-winning satellite TV packages to stores. Through a Powerline connection via household power lines, no antenna cable is needed for signal transmission - satellite television reception is possible and easy at every power outlet of the house. Alongside pay TV channels via CI+ interface, the new version of the dLAN® TV Sat also supports the teletext-successor HbbTV.

With the dLAN® TV Sat 2400-CI+, devolo is releasing the successor to the world‘s first Powerline-based satellite receiver to the market. Through picture and sound transmission via household power lines, TV programmes with high-resolution, full HD picture and crystal-clear surround sound can reach every room of the house.

Set up in no time

In this stage of development, the Aachen-based company has paid close attention to ensure easy installation in only a few steps. Once the dLAN® tuner is connected with the satellite antenna or a multi switch, the HD receiver connected via the power line immediately receives the TV signal automatically at any power outlet in the house. A self-explanatory installation wizard on the screen of the connected TV set guides you through the rest of the configuration, such as channel search and screen adjustments.

HD receiver based on DVB-S2 standard with CI+

With the integration of a CI+ module possible, the new dLAN® TV Sat receiver is equipped for the reception of paid TV channels via HD+. Furthermore, through the support of the DVB-S2 standard, all available broadcast channels are received in HD and SD quality. Thanks to HDMI, the receiver offers excellent image transfer in full HD resolution (1080p). With a digital audio output and analogue cinch (RCA) connection, the connection of a surround sound home cinema system is also possible.

Easy recording to USB storage media

The integrated Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) makes it easy to plan everything you want recorded. Even inexperienced users find operation immediately accessible thanks to the intuitive graphic user interface displayed on the connected TV set. USB mass storage devices such as USB sticks or hard drives can be used as recording media. USB connections are found on the front and back of the HD receiver for an easy way to connect.

Network integration for HbbTV and streaming media

Through the support of the teletext successor HbbTV, the dLAN® TV Sat 2400-CI+ offers the user a significant added benefit of information and entertainment. News and additional content for television programmes is attractively prepared in the offerings of the corresponding TV station and provides true added value. With Universal Plug and Play and DLNA certification, the receiver is also outstandingly suited for playback of multimedia content such as videos, pictures and films from the home network.Available in stores at the end of March, 2012dLAN® TV Sat is ideally suited to making satellite TV reception possible in houses and apartments in which no antenna cable is installed. In addition, the devolo solution is the right choice if an existing satellite system simply needs to be expanded. devolo‘s dLAN® TV Sat 2400-CI+ is available at the end of March 2012 in the TV and consumer electronics departments of selected specialist dealers and large consumer electronics retailers. The recommended retail price for the complete set, composed of an HD receiver, a tuner, two dLAN® adapters and an accessory package, is 399.90 euros.