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Produit B2C / 08.09.2010

Vianect AIR TV: New devolo solution streams HD videos from a computer to a TV wirelessly

devolo AG of Aachen, Germany, the global market leader in powerline-based network solutions, is presenting a new IT product in parallel with the familiar dLAN portfolio under the new "Vianect" product trademark: This one-of-a-kind streaming solution uses wireless USB technology to transfer multimedia content in HD quality from a PC or Mac to large-screen devices such as LCD and plasma TVs as well as projectors. Thanks to Vianect AIR TV, viewing of HD videos, YouTube clips, holiday pictures and web content is no longer limited by a small laptop screen, but can be an experience shared in front of a large-sized TV set.

The Vianect product trademark stands for a new kind of connection. With its first product, Vianect AIR TV, it establishes wireless communication between a computer and consumer electronics. This is how picture and sound contents, for example from holiday clips or online videos, can be transferred easily and quickly from a laptop to a television. It makes watching digital photos together on the sofa comfortable and fun! With Vianect AIR TV, expanding a laptop screen to a large TV screen, for example for watching web content, is also possible without any problems.

Vianect AIR TV is based on Wireless USB, a wireless variant of the familiar USB standard. The broadband connection has a range of approximately 10 metres in buildings, making it the optimal symbiosis of high transfer rate and quick and easy installation. As a matter of fact, the solution for PC and Mac systems is installed in no time: All you have to do to install the software is plug the Wireless USB stick into the computer (PC/Mac) and connect the wireless receiver station to the TV screen using HDMI or D-Sub RGB. You‘re all set to start using the television or projector like a second, large screen. Thus devolo‘s "plug & play" philosophy has also been implemented in the Vianect AIR TV. The transmission is designed for HD signals with 720p or a resolution of 1,400 x 1,050 pixels. The audio signal is either transmitted via HDMI or output via a 3.5 mm mini-jack on the receiver. Vianect AIR TV can be used with Windows XP, Vista and 7 as well as Mac OS X.

"With Vianect AIR TV, devolo is showing an innovative possibility for bringing digital content into the living room from a computer to a big-screen TV," comments Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. He adds, "This turns shared viewing of holiday videos, photos or YouTube clips into a whole new experience."

devolo Vianect AIR TV is available in stores starting in August 2010. The suggested retail price is 119.90 euro. As with all of its products, devolo also grants a warranty period of 3 years for Vianect Air TV.