Product details

The dLAN® Green PHY eval board II takes the role of a translator. The integrated, freely programmable processor is currently capable of processing signals from more than 180 different sensors or operating elements and transmitting them through existing cables. These cables could be power lines, coaxial cables or even twisted-pair lines — the wiring that is already in place.


The devolo solution works with an integrated dLAN® Green PHY module and click boardsTM, provides separate debugging interfaces and also includes a software development kit with a manual and hands-on examples. IT service providers use this tool to design customised company solutions quickly and conveniently.


  • Evaluation platform for the dLAN Green PHY modules over power, coaxial or twisted-pair cables
  • Enables PLC-to-Ethernet bridging in the basic settings – that's how you get started with e-mobility without going to the effort of programming at the module
  • 2 MikroElektronika Click Boards that can be integrated as a communication interface, sensor or actuator using an SDK


Software Development Kit (SDK)

Further information and a comprehensive software development kit including a manual can be found at The Kit supports easy module integration and embedding into your system (configuration and monitoring).

Other products from the Green PHY range

dLAN Green PHY Module

  • E-Mobility: Module for vehicle-to-grid communication for charging e-vehicles
  • Internet of Things: Extensive application development kit including manual (
  • Rapid Prototyping: The module allows customer Powerline solutions to be developed for your prototypes

Green PHY Module V2

  • Data communication between electric vehicle (EV) and charging station (EVSE)
  • Standardised charging cable communication in accordance with ISO 150118
  • Based on Qualcomm QCA7006 Green PHY chip
  • Optimum time-to-market, thanks to integrated Ethernet and SPI port